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Blood Council
Blood Council
Blood Council
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ShanyaBlade, Aug 14, 10 6:53 PM.
Hey Guys,

I am Groggs. Some of you don't know me too well, some of you do, but I look forward to playing with you all. I am the Guild leader of Out For Blood, and I hope to make it a fun experience for everyone.

We hope everyone enjoys their time here, and helps our guild grow! We are still tweeking the site and some of the guild stuff, so bear with us!

Current guild members please sign up and add your characters to the roster.

If your thinking about joining OFB apply above or feel free to message us in game!


~Welcome to Out For Blood~

Out For Blood is a casual raiding guild for players 18+ yrs old. We also welcome couples and players who are not raiders that would like a fun, friendly, and mature environment to play in. We promote a harassment free and no drama guild.

OFB's leadership will consists of a council made up of the Guild leader and officers who vote on and decide guild policy as a group. This prevents power and control from being misused by one person and helps to keep drama and conflict down in the guild. Should you come across any problems during your membership in our guild, please feel free to approach any member of the council and voice your concern so we can discuss it on the officer fourms.

Guild Ranks

Blood Council: Guild Leader and Officers

Reaper: Raid team members

Disciple: Members of the guild who are not interested in raiding
or have not reached level or gear requirements for raiding.

Fledgling: New recruits to the guild.

Guild ranks will be granted based on participation in guild and where you best fit. This is decided by the council. Guild participation is not decided based on raiding, but rather by how much you participate as a member of our guild by helping out the other members, social interactions, and all around showing us that you are a proud member of OFB.

Code of Conduct

We will not tolerate any type of harassment, racism, or douchebaggery towards any other members of the guild. We understand people joke and tease thats fine as long as they're ok with it. The language in the guild at times can be a little crude which is ok because we are a mature guild, just as long as it doesn't go overboard or disrespect a member of the guild. If anyone has upset you please message a council member right away so we can try to fix the problem. Anyone one who breaks these rules and has to be told to stop repeatedly will be removed from the guild. We are not here to babysit, we are here to have fun and enjoy the game.

Raiding Rules

 The main raiding team will be based on sign ups untill we figure out a set team.  We will pick by what makeup would be best for a core progression group and when the majority of people are available. Check with a council member if you are unsure of requirements.  Loot rules will be decided prior to start of our first raid.

[Please see members only section in the forums for videos on the boss encounters we will be doing]

Alt raiding team will be based on sign ups and setup for people that wish to raid but don't have to attend if they can't make it. Guild members that didn't raid with the main raid team that week will have priority over people gearing alts to try to give everyone a chance to raid if they want to.

All guild updates will be posted to the website, so please check back.

And most of all, welcome, and thank you for deciding to be a part of Out For Blood!
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Karaggas Palace (Hard)
  Foreman Crusher  
  G4-B3 Heavy Fabricator  
  Jarg and Sorno  
  Karagga the Unyielding  
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